About Us


Fabian Maffei



Fabian Maffei has an innate passion for building & construction having spent his formative years on construction sites as the son of a builder.
After completing a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, Fabian quickly found his niche as a Project Manager with Beca, successfully managing the design and construction of numerous large-scale projects in Australia and abroad before being offered a position as Development Manager for Austrak.
Fabian’s time at Austrak provided him with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the development process and enabled him to further refine his interpersonal, management and negotiation skills.
Fabian’s rich compliment of skill and knowledge coupled with an unrelenting work ethic underpins the continued success of Urban Equity and the developments projects it undertakes.

Mark Milano



The Milano family has a rich heritage in the building, construction and development industry spanning three generations and more than seventy years of collective experience.
It is no coincidence then; Mark has a trained eye for property, a through understanding of the building and construction industry and astute knowledge of the development business.
Mark has successfully presided and grown the family business from humble beginnings to a large-scale commercial contracting entity with upwards of ninety (90) full time employees.
Mark’s background in business, investment and development is integral to the direction and success of Urban Equity.